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We ensures the product with good quality, sufficient quantity and diversification...

Accept Customization

We have experienced designing team, for some products, we accept the customization, such as the insulator, bandage, etc....

Global Sales

We sold worldwide, our products are widely exported to a lot of countries in the world...

10 Years of experience.

focus on duct, power cord, cable...







Latest Products

Ventilation Equipment

Flexpipe Type A OD12 590mm -29.515

Butten Head Screw M3*8 SS T304 -18.487

Countersunk Bolt M3*4 SS T304 -18.486

Cross Pan Head Padded Machine Screw M3*12 -19.900

Cross Pan Head Screw M3*7 SS T304 -18.484

Butten Head Screw M3*5 SS T304 -18.488

1.0m Transformer to Light cable (12V) -19.682

C13 Socket + Earth Cable -29.410

0.8m AC Power Cable,AMP Plug/QZ3 -19.666

Coil Spring Cable, length: 60mm -29.435

600mm+40mm+40mm+40mm+110mm Cooktop Power Cable -29.465

600mm+40mm+110mm Cooktop Power Cable -29.460

370mm Cooktop Power Cable -29.450

300mm+380mm Cooktop Power Cable -29.455

250mm+140mm+940mm+210mm Cooktop Power Cable -29.470

Cooktop Interface Cable 1000mm+180mm -29.430

Cooktop Interface Cable 800mm+180mm -29.425

Cooktop Interface Cable 500mm+180mm -29.420

Cooktop Interface Cable 360mm+180mm -29.415

Silicone Flexi Ducting, D203*5m -19.407

Silicone Flexi Ducting, D304*5m -19.415

D06 Male 3.0m Australian Power Plug -19.135