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We ensures the product with good quality, sufficient quantity and diversification...

Accept Customization

We have experienced designing team, for some products, we accept the customization, such as the insulator, bandage, etc....

Global Sales

We sold worldwide, our products are widely exported to a lot of countries in the world...

10 Years of experience.

focus on duct, power cord, cable...







Latest Products

Ventilation Equipment

Plastic Bag External Motor -90.051

Wall eave vent with mesh dia. 200mm -19.440

Wall eave vent with mesh dia. 150mm -19.435

Cooktop Power Cable -29.450

Cooktop Power Cable -29.455

E27 Porcelain Holder

Black HC-0 Zip Tie Mounts -19.097

Expansion Anchor Screw -19.478

M4 Washer (std) -19.476

M4 Washer (Lrg) -19.477

Cross Pan Head ST3.5 x 19 -19.475

Cross Pan Head ST3.5 x 9.5 -19.474

ST Cross Pan Head ST4.2 x 32 -19.473

ST Cross Pan Head ST4.2 x 16 -19.472

Cross Pan Head M4x10 -19.471

Counter Sunk Wood Screw ST4.2*19 -19.470

1.0m Switch Interface Cable (6 Line) -19.676

Rubber Grommet 19mm -19.093

Push Snap Grommet 16mm -19.092

Push Snap grommet 19mm -19.091

Cable Saddle Clamp -19.094

Cable Tie 100mm -19.090

Self-taping Screw SS304 M4 -95.030

Bag D 1900mm x 800mm -19.753