Company Profile

Kerdn Electric Co.,Ltd. is a leading supplier of Lightning Protection Equipment and Surge Protection Equipment.

KERDN Electric has a strict quality inspection process which include strict inspections of raw materials, approval of batch production samples, standard inspection of manufacturing process, random quality inspection during production and quality inspection in warehouse before shipment.

KERDN guarantees competitive pricing, our experience and contacts within China also reduce the risks of non-performance or sub-standard performance, KERDN always do our best to design, manufacture and source the products that you require to continually improve your return-on-investment, help your bottom line and take the lead in your industry.

Our daily jobs also include making an assessment of feasibility, drawing up specifications and undertaking a significant amount of research prior to even providing you with a quote. Throughout our work with you we consult to you at all times.

We adhere to these principles.

1. The golden rules: we try to treat customers as we would wish to be treated.

2. Instead of sales "tactics"; simply describe a product's abilities candidly.All items have strengths and weaknesses. We state both.

3. Be cautious of the product specification, as manufacturers are inclined to exaggerate.

4. Customize products and systems to suit users's needs.

5. Never become satisfied with either our products or our service.

What sets up apart? Why work with us?
  • 1. Having a reliable quality control system. including point control in raw materials/batch production samples/inspection during production/random quality inspection(flying inspection) during production/warehouse inspection before shipment.
  • 2. We're specialists. unlike general supplers, we offer relatively few products - so we know their strengths and their weaknesses, we state both to you.
  • 3. Having a well-developed sourcing network around China.
  • 4. Consolidating products for our customers.
  • 5. Ensuring competitive pricing. (using lower-cost factories;purchasing volume; professional buyer).
  • 6. We support what we sell. Long after the product reaches your place, we will be here for you to ensure your result is the best it can be.
  • 7. Drawing clear lines between customers.