Surge Protection
KEN-GR/S1 Conversion Surge Protective Socket

KEN-GR/S1 series conversion surge protective sockets are applied to the front side of various terminal equipments with AC no more than 250V and rated current no more than 10A, providing protection against overvoltage arising from lightning strike to the power and mis-operation.

Application Range:

Requirement class to VDE 0675: D
Requirement class to EN 61643-11: Type 3
Requirement class to IEC61643-1: Class III

Main Features:

1. High current capacity, low residual voltage.
2. Standard socket and plug design, convenient for installation and use.
3. Adopt multilayer protection technology, strong protection ability, high reliability.
4. Built-in temperature fuse, safe and reliable.
5. Red light on in notice window indicates normal, off indicates invalid.
6. Independent 2.5mm² grounding terminal, more reliable grounding.


Surge ProtectorNominal operating voltage Un: 250VAC
Max. continuous operating voltage Uc:320VAC
Voltage protection level Up:1.5kV
Nominal discharge current In(8/20): 5kA
Rated current Ie: 10A