Surge Protection
KEN-40/C/3P-PV1000 Surge Protector for photovoltaic

Standards compliance:
UL1449 3rd Edition (USA): Type 4, Type 2 Location.
CSA C22.2 (Canada): Class 90941.32
EN61643-11(France): Type 2
IEC61643-1(Intl): Class II
Location of use: Branch sub-distribution boards
Protection modes: (+/-)-PE
Protective element: MOV
Housing: Modular design

How to name our products

KEN: Model
40: Imax: 40kA
3P: Combination: 3P
PV1000: Uc: 1000VDc Surge Protector for photovoltaic

KEN-40/C/3P - PV1000 Surge Protector for photovoltaic

Surge ProtectorMax. continuous operating voltage Uc:1000VDC
Nominal discharge current (8/20) In:20kA
Max. discharge current (8/20) Imax:40kA
Voltage protection level Up (at In):<3.6kV
Residual voltage at 10kA(8/20) Ures:<3.4kV
Residual voltage at 5kA(8/20) Ures:<3.0kV