Surge Protection
Lightning & Surge Protective Solutions

For the industry of solar photovoltaic energy, we provide technology, application solutions and top-quality products from surge arrester to photovoltaic box and more.
For the field of industrial control, rail transportation, wired and wireless communication, we offer high-performance surge protection devices and technical solutions.

Surge Protector For Power

Surge ProtectorBy using a combination of proper grounding and proper wiring, you can make your wind turbine, electronics such as inverters, and any items susceptible to lightning or surges safe from lightning damage.


Surge Protector for solar photovoltaic

Surge ProtectorWe offer lightning and surge protective devices for photovoltaic system. and also offers a series of PV combiner boxes and reliable custom solutions for your PV control system. we can meet your strict technical standards and unique requirements.


Surge Protector For CATV

Surge ProtectorOur products provide reliable overvoltage protection for railway power supply systems. Watchful Eye Solutions' specialists can work out the best possible options for your needs.


Surge Protector For Network

Surge ProtectorThe antennas mounted on the base stations attract lightning which frequently causes high voltage line transients that can damage electronic equipment connected to the AC wall outlet power lines. Watchful Eye Solutions' products can protect the systems from lightning.