Lightning Protection
Copper-Clad Steel Strand Wire

Copper-Clad Steel Strand Wire

Product Introduction and Application

Product Breif:
Electroforming copper clad steel single and stranded wire is through electrolysis electroforming of international advanced technology of electrolytic copper content of 99.9 molecular uniform on the cover to a high quality low carbon steel core processing of novel metal composite, The product of steel as well as strength and toughness, and good conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Compared to copper wire with a low density, high strength, low cost, anti - stealing and so on.

Product Characteristics
1. Materials manufactured using the electrolytic electroforming process, two metals are a combination of molecular, corrosion resistance increase ;
2. Line body is a flexible structure, aspect to free according to the design laid when construction, linking simple and fewer nodes ;
3. Line excellent conductivity of large surface area of skin effect, its magnetic characteristics conducive to the diffusion and transmission of electromagnetic and grounding resistance decline and soil contact area increases.
4. Product line uses the strapping or disc packing, transport and storage easy.

Connection Methods
1. With hot molten flux mortar flux exothermic weld, safe and reliable the permanent sites ;
2. Copper clamps or grounding terminals and other mechanical connection, design can request modification or removal ;

Electroforming copper clad steel strand is in the communications, electrical, electronic and other industries the ideal conductor material.
Widely used : user line inner conductor of CATV coaxial cable, parallel dual core - core lines, all kinds of telephone users line connector Assembly of electronic components, military cable - wire cables, overhead lines of electric power transmission and phone lines, electrified railway, electrified light rail catenary overhead lines, Power cable copper wire woven Shield line electrification railway and Metro light rail, electric power and petroleum system of grounding, grounding, lightning protection grounding equipment, antistatic ground level ground, the traditional alternative to pure copper wire of good.


Type Area (mm2) Wire Diameter (mm) Wire Nos.(pcs) Out Diameter(mm)
KEN-CSW001,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
16 1.7 7 5.10
KEN-CSW002,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
25 2.15 7 6.50
KEN-CSW003,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
35 2.52 7 7.60
KEN-CSW004,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
50 3.00 19 9.00
KEN-CSW005,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
70 3.52 19 11.00
KEN-CSW006,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
95 2.52 19 12.60
KEN-CSW007,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
120 2.80 19 14.00
KEN-CSW008,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
150 3.20 37 16.00
KEN-CSW009,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
185 3.52 37 17.60
KEN-CSW010,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
200 3.66 19 18.35
KEN-CSW011,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
240 4.00 37 20.00
KEN-CSW012,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
300 3.70 37 22.40
KEN-CSW013,Copper Clad Steel Strand Wire
400 3.70 37 25.90