Lightning Protection
Exothermic Welding Step
Exothermic Welding Step
Step 1. Clean the joint of the mold and the welded conductor and place the welded conductor at the central position of the mold cavity.
Exothermic Welding Step
Step 2. Close the mold and arrange a metal protective ring at the bottom of the mold smelting furnace.
Exothermic Welding Step
Step 3. Pour in the hot fusion welding and spray pyrophoric powder on the surface, to the mold mouth, of the flux.
Exothermic Welding Step
Step 4. Cover the mould cover and ignite the pyrophoric powder at the mould mouth by using a burning torch, The hot fusion melting flux is subjected to high temperature reaction in the mould after being ignited, Open the mould after natural cooling when the reaction is finished.

Performance Characteristics

1.Good Mechanical Behavior
Non-surface contact of the welding spot joint, no residual stress, perpetual joint, and good mechanical behaviors such as high tensile strength.

2.Strong Current Load Capacity
The welding spot joint and the metal conductor are in molecular association, the welding point has current carrying capacity the same as conductor and good conducting performance, and the direct current resistivity change before and after the welding point is about zero

3. Repeatable Large Current Resistance
The welding point has melting point the same as conductor and can resist the impact of repeatable large current (during fault); there is no fusing phenomenon at the connection point

4. Convenient and Safe Construction
ither external power resource, professional equipment nor professional operation staff is needed during welding, safe operation can be performed inside or outside the door, and short welding time greatly saves the construction time

5. Controllable Welding Temperature
According to the performance characteristics of the metal conductor to be welded, different reaction temperatures can be set so that the welding point is firmer and more reliable

Matters Needing Attention

1. Unrelated person should not stay within 1.5 meters away from the operation site during construction.

2. Inflammable goods should not be placed within 1.5 meters away from the operation site during construction.

3. The operating personnel must put on heat-resisting working gloves.

4. The operating staff should not perform construction in front of the mouth of melted mold.

5. The operating staff should be at least 1.5 meters away from the melted mould immediately once the pyrophoric powder is ignited.

6. No one could contact the melted mould directly after fusion welding is finished.

7. The melted mould and the welded wire are cooled for 30 seconds after fusion welding is finished and then taken out by using a pincer.

8. Welded wire is subjected to insulation treatment only when the wire is completely cooled.