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Exothermic Welding

Exothermic Welding


Exothermic welding is under high temperature caused by the alumino-thermic reaction to realize the high quality weld connection, this alumino-thermic reaction is carried out in the high temperature resistant graphite CAD weld mold, in normal condition, more than 100 points can be welded with same mould and the reaction duration will spend about 4-5 seconds only.

Advantages of weld flux

1. The operation is safety and no need for professional skill or special protection, so it is quite easy.
2. No external power or heat is required, tools and equipmentas are simple, and operating efficiency is high.
3. The purity of welded point is more than 97%, so it has high conductivity and anti-corrosion.
4. Does not loosen as the connection create a permanent molecular bonded.
5. Current carrying capacity of welded point is stronger than wire.
6. This method used widely and applicable for weld between coppers, copper and steel, copper and galvanised flat steel, etc.
7. The welded point can bear strong impact of the surge current for several times.

Drawing for exothermic welding

Exothermic WeldingExothermic WeldingExothermic Welding